THE ARTS JOURNAL: Critical Perspectives of the History, Literatures, Arts and Culture of Guyana and the Caribbean
Volume 5 Numbers 1 & 2

                        Submerged Identities


Music and Symbolism in The Life and Death of Sylvia    Juanita Cox
The Guyana Landscape and the Language of the  Imagination in the Fiction of Wilson Harris    Mark McWatt
Identity Formation in Ramabai Espinet's The Swinging Bridge    Frank Birbalsingh
Re-encountering Guyana: An Interview with Mark Mc Watt    Lucy Evans
Sasenarine Persaud: A Boundary-Crossing Ethnocentrist    Victor J. Ramraj and Jitesh P. Parik

Guyana's Dutch-Lexicon Creoles: The Demerara (dis)Connection    Ian Robertson

Figures Trapped at the Forest's Edge    Kenwyn Crichlow

When the Doomed are Mostly Eloquent in their Sinking    Edward Baugh
I Wish you a Leaf Falling    Edward Baugh
Not in the Loo    Velma Pollard
Reflections in Broken Lines: the Seashore of a Child's Memory    Ameena Gafoor

John Agard: Anancy Troubadour    Philip Nanton
A Reading of Ameena Gafoor's Novel Extract    Michael Gilkes
Moses Nagamootoo's Hendree's Cure: Madrassi  Experience in a New World    Frank Birbalsingh
Howard A. Fergus's Love, Labour, Liberation in Lasana Sekou    Fabian Adekunle Badejo
Selwyn Cudjoe's Caribbean Visionary: ARF Webber and the Making of the Guyanese Nation    Nigel Westmaas